Women homicide in Turkey

Kırıkkale / Emine Bulut:

Last week a video which is shared on social media shocked all the people in Turkey. In Kırıkkale Emine Bulut is stabbed by his ex husband (who is divorced 6 years ago) in front of her daughter 10 years old. In the related video, the woman is yelling “I don’t want to die” while her daugher is yelling “mama please don’t die”



In Gaziantep, Güldane Y. a pregnant woman who decided to have divorced is got stabbed by his husband seven times in the hospital bed.



The woman who has lost her leg after getting shot by her husband by shotgun “I don’t want to die. I lost my leg, but my life is in danger. His relatives are treating me!”



A man killed his wife and tear the corpes into pieces in the meat grinder while the woman was asking for divorce. The man told the policed that his wife is lost but later he confessed. The wife was the cousin of Özgecan Aslan, who was raped and killed by a shuttle bus driver of the university after the rape. And her body was burned.


A brother and sister were having a ride in the city in Adıyaman. They had an argument and the brother started to beat the girl. The girl jumped of the car and tried to run away, but her brother beater her hardly and stabbed her arms and legs.

About the attack to CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu

About the attack to CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu

On 22nd April, CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu went to a martyr’s funeral in Ankara who lost his life in #PKK attack. Some people started to protest him “We don’t want PKK supporters here” and attacked on him. A guy around 70 years old kick him in the face and Kılıçdaroğlu run and take shelter in a house nearby. (It is just because Erdoğan is calling CHP as terrorist supporter, and showing them as the reason of PKK attack, while his party is in power for the last 17 years)

A woman in the crowd yelled “Burn down the house” (like the incident in Madımak Sivas July 2, 1993)

MHP leader (Grey Wolves) Bahçeli commented about the incident “Kılıçdaroğlu had to made a research about where he should go and how he should go. What did he do to cause someone hit him?”

Hulusi Akar, the Minister of National Defence (ex-chief of general staff) called the attackers “My friends, you gave your message. You showed your reaction. Now, we will evacute this place.”

Also in June 2018, the Minister of Internal Affair Süleyman Soylu had said “I sent my order no to accept CHP politicians to the protocol in the martyrs’ funerals.”

Aftermath of the local elections in Turkey

Aftermath of the local election in Turkey

After the local elections, AKP has lost 3 mayor cities in Turkey. İstanbulthe biggest city-, Ankarathe capital– and İzmir  so-called the base of secularism– against the secularist party CHP.

It was impossible for AKP to win in İzmir even with their scams. Ankara could be lost, because in the previous elections it was so close that CHP could succeed in Ankara, but İstanbul was such a big surprize and also defeat for AKP.

We  are familiar with the dishonest tactics of AKP and their dirty politics. Before the elections, all the supporter of AKP and Erdoğan were calling the opposition party members as “Terrorists, atheists, infidels, PKK supporters, Fetö supporter and so on..

Even they lost they didn’t stop. First of all, in the election Anadolu Agency (national news agency) was flooding the media with their fake datas. They were showing that AKP was ahead of CHP. PS: the manager of this agency supports Erdoğan.

During the election night, Ekrem İmamoğlu, the İstanbul candidate of CHP went on TV, eleven times (yes eleven!) and made a speech “Our datas don’t match with AA (Anadolu Ajansı), we know that we are ahead of AKP”

At the same night before the result was official, AKP hanged banners all around in İstanbul saying “Teşekkürler İstanbul” (Thanks İstanbul)

Even, while the election responsible of AKP, Ali İhsan Yavuz was making a speech about the fraud in elections, a similar banner was behind him. (The result wasn’t still official) He remarked that “It wouldn’t be an exaggretaion if i call these elections are the most shady elections in the history.” But a couple of days before the election he was saying “We will face the safest elections”. Ps: He is the Vice President of AKP and he is from the party in power who takes all the security measures.

And after the results, when İstanbul candidate of CHP İmamoğlu made a speech, Binali Yıldırım –İstanbul candidate of AKP- reacted by saying “He is getting on the nerves of the people”. İmamoğlu responded “He should had said it to Anadolu Agency when they were getting on the nerves of people with their fake datas.”

And after that night, since Erdoğan had warned CHP like as a threat it in the past, AKP supporter started to raise up. In the video below a fight broke out between CHP and AKP supporters who were on duty in fron of the election center in Üsküdar district of İstanbul. Police shot air to stop the fight.

Dirty politics of the Sultan by exploiting a terrorist attack and Gallipoli Campaign

Erdoğan made a speech on the 104th Anniversary of Çanakkale (Gallipoli) Victory.
By refering the New Zealandian and Australians soldiers (ANZAK’s) who lost their lives, he remarked “Your ancestors came here and saw that we are here. Some of them turned back on foot, some in coffins. If you prefer to come with the same aim, we wait for you. No worries that we will send you back like your ancestors”, which was also a threating message after the terrorist attack in a mosque in New Zealand.
After his speech Australian prime minister Scott Morrison reacted: “These are reckless insulting words. Take them back” and he called  Canberra Turkish consulate.
Also according to Reuters, the prime minister of New Zealand said “The deputy prime minister Jacinda Ardern will go to Turkey to face these words and will try to get rid of misunderstanding.”
And let’s see what Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had said 85 years ago to the mothers’ of the soldiers about the war of Gallipoli:

“Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives … You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours … You, the mothers who sent their sons from faraway countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.”

Girl who was listening the march of PKK on her phone is sentenced to write the Turkish National Anthem

The girl who was listening the march of PKK (Kurdish Terrorist Organization) on her phone loudly is sentenced to write the Turkish National Anthem by her own handwriting

According to the Mezopotamya News Agency, the incident happened in the girl dormitory, in 2017. A.K opened the march of PKK Çerxa şoreşe’ on her phone and K.K. asked her to turn it off. Later A.K. beated KK and the incident went to the court.

The court decided A.K to write the Turkish National Anthem and the poem “To the martyries of Çanakkale” of Mehmet Akif Ersoy clearly by her own handwriting and to explain her ideas about the date when the poems were written.

List of sinful songs

The Turkish Islamic newspaper Yeni Akit made a list of songs by claiming that they are stealing the belief of the muslims. They remarked that the people who listen these songs will be sinners.


“Be careful for the sin which is hidden behind the notes. They are stealing our belief with the songs.” (Caption from newspaper’s page)

The songs in the lists

Kubat: “Seni Allah kadar sevdim.” –  “I loved you like the god”

Nükhet Duru: “Sen gördüğüm en son ilahsın.” – “You are the last idol I have seen”

Edip Akbayram: “Dertlerin kalkınca şaha, bir sitem yolla Allah’a.”

Mahsun Kırmızıgül: “Sevdim seni Rabbim kadar.” “I loved you like the god”

Orhan Gencebay: “Kaderin böylesine yazıklar olsun.” “God may curse a fate like this”

Yıldız Tilbe: “Sensiz ölürüm cennette.” “Without you I’d die in heaven”

Grup AF: “Yaradan’ın boş vaktine gelmiş.” “God created you when he had spare time”

Muazzez Abacı: “Seninle cehennem ödüldür bana, sensiz cennet bile sürgün sayılır.” “With you, the hell is a gift to me but heaven without is like exhile”
Duman: “Aldanma öbür dünyaya, hayatı yaşa.” “Don’t care about the other life, life your life”

Cem Adrian: “Beni Tanrı’ya tekrar inandırabilir misin?” “Can you make me to believe in god again?”

Erol Evgin: “Seni sevmek ibadetim.”  “To love you is my worship”

Hakkı Bulut: “Sana taptım be yahu!” “I worshiped you!!”

İbrahim Tatlıses: “Ben insan değil miyim? Ben kulun değil miyim? Tanrım, dünyaya beni sen attın, çile çektirdin, derman arattın. Madem unutacaktın, beni neden yarattın?” / “Bir Allah’a taptım bir sana taptım!” “Am I not human? Am I not your servant? God why did you send me to the world, made me suffer? Why did you create me if you would forget me? / I worshiped to god and you only!”

Hande Yener: “Of güzel Allah’ım, içimi ısıtan adam sanki senin aynandı.” “My beautiful god, the man who made me feel warm was like your reflection”

Ahmet Kaya: “Allah’ına kitabına sövüp saydım.” “I cursed to his god and his holy book”

Murat Göğebakan: “Kara gözlüm, sen de yalancı çıktın. Seni kendime ilah yapmıştım.” “My black eyed beauty, you were also a liar. I had made you my idol”

Müslüm Gürses: “Yıkılsın minareler açılsın meyhaneler.” / “İsyanım var benim kadere.”  “Let the minarets fall down open the drinking houses. / I am a rebel against to fate.”

Oğuz Yılmaz: “Bas bas paraları Leyla’ya, bir daha mı geleceğiz dünyaya?” “Give all the money to Leyla, will we born again??”

Ferhat Göçer: “Cenneti değişmem saçının teline.” “I wouldn’t exchange heaven for a single piece of your hair”

Selami Şahin: “Tapılacak kadınsın.” “You are a woman to worship”

Mahsuni Şerif: “Yaradan bir can vermiş, boşu boşuna.” “God gave a life for nothing”


Yunan müzisyen Hristos Tsiamoulis tarafından Aşık Veysel için yazılmış şarkı

Yunan müzisyen Hristos Tsiamoulis tarafından Aşık Veysel için yazılmış şarkı

A song written by the Greek musican Christos Tsiamoulis for Turkish folk musician Aşık Veysel

Ένα τραγούδι γράφτηκε από τον Χρίστο Τσιαμούλη για τον Τούρκο λαϊκό μουσικό Ασίκ Βεϊσέλ



Gönül nasihatimi dinle
Eğer seni sevilmediğin
Yere çağırırlarsa kaç
Köle gibi yaşama

Batıyı ve doğuyu dolaştın
Bir gıdım korkun yoktu
Yerini yurdunu bıraktın
Bana çok çektirdin gönül

Yürümekten yoruldun
Şafaktan geceye kadar
Diyorlar ki aşk denizine
Daldın ama nasıl çıkacaksın?

Gençleştin ama ben yaşlandım
Büyük belalar getirdin bana
Yüksekten ve alçaktan uçuyorsun
Şahin oldun gönül

Zengin misin, avare mi?
Usta mısın, çırak mı?
Yüksekten ve alçaktan uçuyorsun
Hepsi de hoşuna gidiyor gönül

Altın eş arıyorsun gönül
Arada sırada seni unutsa da
Senden ayrı Veysel yaşayamaz
Aşksız geçer hayatı